on Saturday, March 4, 2017
It's nearly been three years since my last post. Hard to imagine that I've come this far and a lot has changed. Or it hasn't. I think that's the strangest thing. Maybe it means that I'm a consistent person although I think I'm just being nice to myself when I say that. Stubborn to change is what it means.

If you've read this far, leave a comment, it means so much to me. This blog was basically my diary for a while but it really is up to you, as readers, to determine whether or not there was any depth or value to it. Elon Musk's ex wife Justine Musk kept a blog which ended up biting him in the ass during the divorce. Is that gonna happen to me? I don't think so. I hope not anyway.

I used to conduct a lot of self-harm. It's been nearly 5 years since my last "incident" (i'm not sure what else to call it). That's not to say that I haven't nearly lapsed since. Looking back, however, they weren't memorable problems to be upset about. What helped. however. was exercise. I ended up working off my feelings and now I'm like super jacked. Spoiler alert: that's totally false, the jacked bit. But exercise sure did help. I directed all my focus and energy on the exercise. Thinking rationally doesn't happen when you're feeling any extreme mood. As a result, thoughts and feelings are wildly flown about like a hose turned all the way up and let loose. Exercising, for me, helped redirect whatever outburst of energy towards the weights, my weight, the bar, whatever it was. It really helped.

Honestly, I feel like writing these posts is like a mini therapy session for me. I let it all out here. Maybe not all of it but enough of it does. What it really does is allow me to be aware of the feelings I'm having. Why am I feeling this way? Did I get enough sleep last night? Did I drink enough water today? These questions help to just take a step back and ask "What's going on?"

Once in a while, do this:


Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through your nose. Feel your chest expand and your shoulders rise.

Hold it for 2 or 3 seconds.

Exhale through your mouth and feel your shoulders relax.

One breath. That's it. Just be aware of that one breath throughout the day and be mindful of it. Credit goes to Chade-Meng Tan of Google. They call him the Happiness Engineer I think.

That was it for today. I really hope it helped someone. I don't know what to write about anymore but the fact that I wrote something makes me feel like I accomplished something today. Even if it was nothing to you, it was something to me.

Hey let's leave a quote here:

"It is a luxury to put our interests first. It is an honor to put the interests of others before ourselves" - Simon Sinek.

Guys and gals, I've read a bunch of self help things over the last three years. They've helped me a fair bit. If you're reading this and you're looking for something similar, leave a comment and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.
on Tuesday, June 3, 2014
To whoever still even peeks at my blog now. Thank you. I haven't been around for a while mainly because of study, extra-curricular activities, family situations and also the fact that I could not be bothered in the slightest to make a blog post. Since it's 2:04 in the AM on a lovely June morning, I decided to write a little here.

What's changed? I don't know actually. I talk differently. Last I posted, I don't think "yolo" or "swag" was popular. I only use them ironically and mockingly. Never with intent.

Come to think of it, I posted just 6 months ago.

Right. I've started skate boarding. That stuff is hard. You see people ollie railings, gaps, benches n all that and it's pretty fucking amazing. I've only done it for about a few weeks if you consider how long I actually do the skateboarding. Like in general. Fuck I can't find the right word. D'you know what I mean by a few weeks. I've had the skateboard for, what, 6 months now but I don't skate every day. Maybe the skateboard's with me when I go to and from university but that's just because it's easier to get around.

Speaking of university. I got kicked out. I know. Just in the middle second half of the semester. So the third quarter. How? Basically I was asked to submit a Tax File Number (TFN) to the school. I hadn't received it yet because the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) hadn't sent me it. What do I do? Easy, send the application and receipt in to prove that you've applied to receive a TFN and you're good to go. Not according to Student Services though. Student Fees to be exact.

Long story short, ATO doesn't send the TFN and due date flies by and I am unable to supply the TFN so the university decides that I can no longer study. Basically, all the time and energy has been wasted for the last 4 months. Thank you.

Implications of this include the fact that I will have to extend my study by one maybe two years. By then, the fees for undergraduate courses will have nearly doubled. What different is it to American universities then? Probably a lot of things but I have considered any of those because it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm definitely not thinking straight.

Ok well my brain is starting to go numb.

I should probably sleep.

My blog is still active remember the presquefini one yeah that one.
Also I have a skate blog here.

so...good morning?

whatever works.
on Sunday, December 22, 2013
K so it's been a while I guess but it's all good now, I'm back. No need to worry. I've been overseas, though I don't normally disclose that because idk, it's just a habit that I've acquired over the years. I"m only 16, why am I talking about "over the years". Anyway, I'm in Taiwan and I'll just say this now: I've bought too much. Or so I think. People buy a shit load of stuff and don't think they've bought enough. Now I'm not that kinda guy (though sometimes, I have my moments) so the amount of clothes I've bought is a little over my limit. I've only been overseas for around about three weeks so here's what I've got so far (I'm going from memory here so forgive me if I'm a little vague):

H&M Slim Fit Deep Blue Blazer
H&M Denim Shirt
UNIQLO Denim Shirt
UNIQLO Pink V-Neck Tee
UNIQLO some kind of socks they were on special so yeah
Converse Classic Leather shoes
HUF Volley Cap
A skateboard
Camera battery
6 Lint rollers
2 bricks of cards (24 Decks)
The Fault In Our Stars (DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS)
Some Oscar Wilde book that I really like. I really like Oscar Wilde.
and a bunch of other things, I can't quite remember at this point.

So yeah, that's about it, off the top of my head, anyway.

HOW are YOU guys going? I guess it's a little one-sided here but cmon, it's nearly Christmas so give me a little Christmas message or something. Anything. Maybe I'm desperate, maybe I'm not. Test me. I've been socialising with the exact same people for the last three weeks, I need someone new. I mean, I met some people on the train but chances are, I'm probably never going to see them again. New friends are good friends.

The Fault In Our Stars. I'm not really much of a literary critic but this book is good (see what I mean by not much of a literary critic?). It is, for want of a better word, a page-turner. I had my parents try to dig the book out of my hands to no avail, I nearly missed my stop on the train because I was so deep in the story, I didn't want to leave this world of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Talk to me about it. Okay? Okay.

So just recently (and by recently this could mean anywhere between last month and three minutes ago) a lot of porn has been coming up on my tumblr dash. Now don't take this as a complaint but there have been about 5 blogs which kinda just started popping up with NSFW tagged blogs. K that's about it.

You know what I like about Asia? Evian water is so cheap. In Australia, it's about $6 a liter. Here it's only a dollar for 500ml. Pretty good. And yes, you can taste the difference.

I HAVE MADE A DISCOVERY. I CAN KINDA EAT THINGS WITH EGG. For those who don't know, I've been allergic to egg since birth. What happens is, I eat egg and I throw it up, get a few rashes around my face and my throat gets itchy. Nothing serious. Earlier this year, mum bought fortune cookies and I ate a cookie or 5 and checked the ingredients on it. Flour, sugar, milk, preservative 376 or something, whole egg. About ten minutes had passed and normally it takes about a minute or two and I can sniff out egg in foods (yes, I'm that good). Predictably, I was excited. Mum and dad called it off as a fluke and said they used egg powder which is just chemically processed etc. so I went the next while egg free. About half way into third term (August - September), I had my first Snickers Bar. I never had one before. We were talking about foods and candy bars and whatnot. I said I'd never had one and people looked at me like I'd been deprived of the most basic human needs. They said something about "the food of gods". This turned out to be true. The following Saturday, I bought a Snickers bar and a Mars bar to Orchestra (never had Mars bars either). Indescribable. I was literally dancing out of excitement. And I had cheap iced coffee with it so I guess that did something.

So yeah. I think I already mentioned the Snickers/Mars bar story earlier before but oh well, you can read an updated, fresher, newer, juicier tastier up to date never before seen latest state-of-the-art new pristine mint fresh version of the Snickers/Mars bar story.

Damn, I should be a salesman.

A la Prochaine
Ask me stuff
I found this on tumblr so do it.
1: Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
2: Talk about your first kiss.
3: Talk about the person you've had the most intense romantic feelings for.
4: Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
5: Talk about the best birthday you've had.
6: Talk about the worst birthday you've had.
7: Talk about your biggest insecurity.
8: Talk about the thing you are most proud of.
9: Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.
10: Talk about the biggest fight you've ever had.
11: Talk about the best dream you've ever had.
12: Talk about the worst dream you've ever had.
13: Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.
14: Talk about a vacation.
15: Talk about the time you were most content in life.
16: Talk about the best party you've ever been to.
17: Talk about someone you want to be friends with.
18: Talk about something that happened in elementary school.
19: Talk about something that happened in middle school.
20: Talk about something that happened in high school.
21: Talk about a time you had to turn someone down.
22: Talk about your worst fear.
23: Talk about a time someone turned you down.
24: Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.
25: Talk about an ex-best friend.
26: Talk about things you do when you're sick.
27: Talk about your favorite part of someone else's body.
28: Talk about your fetishes.
29: Talk about what turns you on.
30: Talk about what turns you off.
31: Talk about what you think death is like.
32: Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.
33: Talk about what you do when you are sad.
34: Talk about the worst physical pain you've endured.
35: Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.
36: Talk about your guilty pleasures.
37: Talk about someone you thought you were in love with.
38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
39: Talk about things you wish you'd known earlier.
40: Talk about the end of something in your life.
on Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So, I've finished everything for the year. For my school life. okay, maybe just for the next three months but still. y'know. I'm done. and happy. Mum's jealous so she's giving me shit about every minor detail about everything.

so more about me. me me me me me me. I'm feeling narcissistic tonight. I might watch a movie. Yeah, i'll do something like that. or i could show you a couple of gifs that are pretty awesome.

Actually, no, i'm gonna watch a movie.

I'm just kidding, here's a gif of a guy climbing to the top of this pole and then he shows the view. it's pretty freaking high.

such high very climb much amaze wow

and NOW i'm gonna go watch a movie.

or sleep

k goodnight

I'll write more tomorrow or smth otherwise you can ask me stuff if whatever yes ok ask.fm/fasteddiee

yeah, i forgot that Mountain Dew had caffeine. great.


A la Prochaine
on Saturday, October 26, 2013
ask me shit. I'm bored and I've got nothing to do so yeah. Shoot me some stuff. I know I'm meant to be studying n shit but cmon, everyone needs a break right?

go on, don't be shy ;)
so this guy popped up on tumblr

holy. fucking. shit. He wins. Not even Trocki has anything on this guy. And HIS HAIR. HIS HAIR. IT'S SO SOFT AND WOOSH WOOSH.

his jeans too. They're really skinny. but godDAMN he's fabulous.

Anyway, this will probably be my last post before my schooling life is over because: a) I have all assessment for five of the six subjects that I haven't already completed and b) I need to re-prepare for my AmusA exam for piano again since I fucked the last one up.

Yesterday marked my last official concert in my schooling life. I don't think it has quite settled in for me yet so I'll take some time for that to sink. I can honestly say that that was the best concert I have ever taken in part in for school. It really was amazing. Not just the concert itself but the people who participated really made it worth it.

So that's that for now. That's my diary, my life, etc. Thank you for asking.

here's Ed Norton with Jimmy Fallon playing Egg Russian Roulette

I love this guy.

A la Prochaine
on Saturday, October 12, 2013
So I've been mia for a while. To be honest, there hasn't been much that I care to share that hasn't already been made public  but the weather is so blOODY HOT. Yeah, that's about it though aside from the fact that I'm in my last half of my last semester of high school which I'm dealing with pretty well: I won't miss it that much. It's more that I'm a little excited that eventually I'll be able to say I finished school. I mean, over three million students drop out annually in the US and I'd be proud to say that I will have completed 12 years of formal education so yeah. I guess. From here on in, it's mostly bang-on assessment. English and Math aren't being let down easily. Arts subjects, much easier as in I don't have to try as much. I like to think so, anyway. I just finished my first piece of assessment for the term and I assure, it went down pretty well. I hope. I kid. It was great, kinda.

Anyway, holidays were ok, in case you asked because you all care for me so much and you wanted to know how I was for the holidays. I'm glad you asked. Well. Nothing happened. Really. Ok well not really. I watched movies and went out with friends. That was kinda it. So I haven't been writing in a long time. In a way, I guess, I got a life and in another way, I lost one. I bought tickets for paintball which we were meant to do last Friday but that didn't end up happening because je ne sais quoi so I ended up trying to play piano for 2 hours straight and that didn't happen either. What did happen was me eating a s***load of food. Junk food. I swear that once my metabolism goes kaput, I will grow sideways and my arteries will go thin and I'll die while eating a stacker burger in America. Yes. That sounds like a way to go. I had a triple quarter pounder with fries and I had about three drinks: one was mine and the two others were some that the others couldn't quite finish but I can still feel it. So much for eating healthy. I need a diet, and a really good workout routine. If I can manage.

No, but what I do need is a job. Not something that I want-need but I need-need. I need-need money and I need-need it now. K, maybe not now-now but soon-now.

Something I need now-now is some sleep. I'll talk more about whatever but for now, here's a guy who conducts his audience to play a song they've never learned or heard. This guy's a legend.


K goodnight.

A la Prochaine
on Sunday, September 15, 2013
One more exam. one. more. bloody. exam. AND THEN I'M FREE. You have no idea how over school I am right now. Especially drama which is tomorrow. We have a 20 minute performance for tomorrow and we started today. Last minute effort at its best. Chances are, we're going to fail. I'm not kidding. It's Greek tragedy about some nut called Xerxes who decided to attack Greece, fucked up the battle and killed pretty much everyone in his team except himself. Comes running home to mama (me, not even kidding) and tells the story. Before this happens, the messenger tells me (Atossa, the mum) how bad it was so I go along and summon my husband, Darius, who died a while back but we need his help so we're gonna wake him up for a bit. He preaches for a bit and goes back to bed and that's where Xerxes comes back and the play ends with him conversing with the chorus.

So that's my version of "The Persians" by Aeschylus. You can google it and find a much better summary than the one I've written but that's just about it. The real trouble with this is that we have to choreograph a movement for pretty much every single line. Considering the fact that we only started today...we're fucked.

Despite this, I'll do my best despite the fact that it's among my last subject despite the fact that it's my last exam despite the fact that I've nearly given up on drama. I actually kinda like it sometimes. I like certain aspects of it. I think if we get to do Naturalistic theatre for next term's work or Brechtian theatre then we'll do fine.

I've been a bit wordy lately, mainly because I haven't got access to my computer which has all the gifs etc. so I'm sorry about that.

I should probably get going with preparing my performance.

A la prochaine
on Wednesday, September 11, 2013
I don't think I've ever been this excited for a two day break from school. It's just school in general that I enjoy being away from sometimes but if you were to go specific, it'd be something like walking the same route over and over to the point where I can close my eyes and walk my way to each of my classrooms. Two years man, not much has changed in terms of subjects. So yeah, I'm really pumped for this break so that I can, y'know, "spend some quality time at home preparing for upcoming assessment and catch up on any school work if need be". ahahahahahhahahahahahaano

Thank fuck, my french, english and math exams are over. OVER. This is the first time that it's ever just sunk in this quick that most of my exams are over. Same goes for QCS. Now all I have left is an IT exam (which isn't really IT anymore, it's just Film and TV), a concert on Saturday night, and a drama performance on Monday. Easy done. Since I'm putting pretty much my whole schedule for the next two weeks on, I might as well add that I have a rehearsal on Thursday night at the OMB and the concert for that is on that Saturday following at QPAC. So if there are any hit men out there, that's my schedule. Pleasure meeting you in advance.

I've never enjoyed a day like today (or yesterday for that matter). It was just so laid back. I don't wanna jinx it now so I'm lucky that there's a wooden table next to me as I'm typing this. It was just me n Eric at home. I spent the first few hours of the morning just checking out clothes on ASOS and American Apparel. Okay maybe not hours but hour, and I spent until Eric got up reading American Psycho. TB Rays vs Boston Red Sox was on so we watched that for a while. Then, since the weather was so fucking amazing today, we went outside and threw around Eric's new NFL ball. On the road. With no shoes on. At midday. I'll admit it wasn't the best decision but it was fun as hell. So there were a few times when we bumped the cars a little but hey, at least none of them went off.

The only downside to today was my attempt at creating something. I got a small spoonful of both Nutella and Peanut Butter, mixed em up a little and threw it in the microwave...for a whole minute. Another bad decision. I did my microwave dance and opened the thing up to find that it was BURNED. IT BURNED THE MIX LIKE IT BURNED MY HEART INTO ASHES OF REGRET. tears ensue.

Don't worry, I made another batch which tasted pretty good. Thing is, the failed batch literally looked like a pile of CRAP. I mean literally. I'm not exaggerating. Looked worse when I was tipping it out of its bowl. The second batch, I only put in for a total of 40 seconds: 20 seconds, took it out and mixed it, 20 seconds again. Threw it in the fridge and bam, PB and Nutella mix.

Wow ok, this post turned out to be pretty lengthy seeing as I kinda typed it up over the course of today. So yeah. I need a new theme for this blog I s2g. I got a new one for my tumblr but that was about it.

W/e i'm out of here.

You will always this read wrong.

The first time through anyway.

A la Prochaine
on Wednesday, August 21, 2013
You have no idea how happy I am right now. I've been waiting for this moment for all of, well, a few months, I suppose. NO MORE THEORY. I did my 5th Grade Theory of Music exam today at this place in Newfarm and I think I did pretty well. The venue used to be at this place right across from Brisbane State High called the Greek Club. It was much fancier and "dandier" than this place but I can't really complain; an exam's an exam right? Compared to all the practice tests, the actual test is much easier. Maybe because I had a whole three hours to do the exam compared to the one hour maximum time limit that I normally had.

I might be making it sound much easier than it is. This exam normally takes a year of study or 6 months of intense study. I was really on and off about this exam. For my third grade exam I did literally over a hundred practice test papers. That resulted in me getting 98.5% on the exam. This time, however, I only did six papers max so I'm not too sure how this is going to turn out.

That's enough about theory. I think. Yeah definitely.

So now I need some piano versions of songs from musicals. That's a bit of a worry:  the monitoring date for our performance was yesterday which was also the first time we rehearsed the damn thing. Got nowhere. Call it what you want but I call it a contingency.

I need another excessively large burger

No actually, I just took a break from typing and had a massive plate of spaghetti and a really heavy piece of sponge cake.

Holy cow, I need to work this off.

A la Prochaine
on Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Hatchetfishes are the scariest things in the sea. These little motherfuckers pop up in the kraken's nightmares at night.

Don't look them up if you don't like scary fishies.

So I was lucky enough to get my English speech over and done with today. No doubt, I was nervous as fuck. My legs were shaking (or so Lemay tells me) and I think I paused too many times.

Otherwise, I did pretty well. I guess. I mean A+ is good right? Let's just say my reaction when I got my mark was something like this:

In other news, I had this craving for maccas because, y'know, I'm fat like that. Anyway, there's this deal where you can add an extra patty (or "beefing up your burger") so I decided to go with that plus an upsize to a large meal. After waiting for about ten minutes, I finally got my burger but it was little heavier but I suppose that's normal after adding an extra patty right? So I get home with my heavier-than-normal burger, I open it up and BAM, this is what I see:

Being the fatass that I am, I finished it (with the assistance of my drink which I definitely needed).

10/10 would eat again.

k, I'm gonna go order one now.

A la Prochaine~
on Friday, August 2, 2013
So I was checking out these apartments in New York State because, y'know, that's what I do in my spare time now. And I found this 29800 square foot apartment on East Street with 20 bedrooms and 10 total baths for $120 000 000. 120 million USD. Putting aside the fact that it's not a simple "apartment", this picture was uploaded as part of the "tour":

Now, I know in the book it doesn't say that there's a fireplace and that it's a little smaller with bookshelves, etc. but this room is the closest thing I've found to the school room described in The Picture of Dorian Gray which I think is pretty awesome. Just puttin' it out there. If you're interested, this regal-as-fuck piece of property is on 66 East 11 Street, Out of Area, NY 10002. And if you end up buying it, contact me. Please. I implore you.

So the last few weeks have been something of a subtle hell to me: not enough to drive me literally insane, but enough to make me want to rip a few hairs out. International childish spawns from hell students for three weeks plus assessment. Two exams in the first two weeks, assessment handed in last week, and more to come next week. Come to think of it, I am currently (meant to be) preparing for assessment in all (7?) subjects. Plus Piano and Music Theory. Nationals is in October but we're preparing now. Music concerts are coming up too.

Let's just say I might need a breather.

Okay, maybe I'm blowing this all out of proportion but maybe all I need to do is set up a timetable and work from that.

Sorry for making this blog post seem like an excerpt from a diary entry but there's always that little red "x" icon on the top right of this window so feel free to click that.

If you didn't then, thank you, I love you, you're the best. *fistbump*

Lesson in Imagination

Actually, come to think of it, I'll just post a few gifs for you now.

Gif where you can change the direction just by thinking it.

A la Prochaine

I'm not who I think I am.
I'm not who others think I am.

I am who I think others think I am.
on Saturday, July 27, 2013

please please please please please.

One day, people, one day.

Link to Tomorrowland Live

WHY AREN'T I THERE RIGHT NOW (aside from the fact that I'm under 18, that I have really conservative parents and I'm goddamn broke)
on Saturday, July 6, 2013
that awkward moment when you get more page views from overseas than from your own country.

Here's Toad

if you cover up one half his face, he looks somehow devastated.
If you cover up the other half, he looks like he's about to rape you. 
on Monday, July 1, 2013
List of songs that I kinda found
Youtube Linked Song - Artist
Ocean - John Butler (Listen to the studio version)
The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (album) - Explosions in the Sky
Pretty much anything by EITS
Resolution - Matt Corby
Suit and Tie Jazz Cover - The Stepkids
Trojans - Atlas Genius
Pretty much anything by Atlas Genius
83 (Original Mix) - Hey Today!
Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
Junk of the Heart - The Kooks
First Movement of "Three Beats for Beatbox flute" - Greg Pattillo
A Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope
Delight - Jamie Berry ft. Octavia Rose

There are probably more but that's just it so far.

Holidays huh? So far so good. I've actually been getting a life. I've changed up the layout of my room for the third time this year. Aside from a few things, I guess it's looking ok.

On a second thought, I've been having to balance my fun out by doing a lot more work than I expected. Just a few days ago, I was given six theory practice test papers to work on, each that take about 2 - 3 hours to complete. Seeing as I need three done by the end of the holidays, I should probably get to work. I've already done one so that's not too bad. Still I have three handouts to memorise. Three encyclopedic handouts. It's not that bad. really.

Still, I've been having a lot of fun learning stuff. I'm learning American Sign Language. Funny though. I used to think that there was only one sign language. turns out there are a few more. There's francophone, Ethiopian, Somali, South African, American (originated in France), Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. the list goes on. American Sign Language seems the easiest.

Did you know: the Hogwarts motto is "draco dormiens nunquam titillandus" which is latin for "Never tickle a sleeping dragon".

Learning every day huh?

A la Prochaine~
on Saturday, June 29, 2013
Here's to you, Jeremy.

on Saturday, June 8, 2013
loljk. No but seriously, I found out a way for you guys to view my old posts. Since I couldn't find a way to implement an archives page there was a "navigation" button around. So here's the plan. You "Restore Down" the page then maximize the page again so that when you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there should be a thing that says "OLDER POSTS" and there you go :) The awesome thing about it is that: a) the music keeps going and b) it stays like that the whole time.

In celebration of this EPIC discovery, here's a drink mix chart.
Click to Enlarge

You're Welcome

And then there's this:


There's an Amazon Link HERE. So here's the deal: if you buy me one of those in good condition I will love you forever. Like, legit.

Just sayin'.

A la Prochaine~

on Friday, June 7, 2013

Before I begin if the gifs aren't moving, then just click them, they'll open up.

I don't like this.
You know those songs that you don't mind or it's just not your favourite? Yeah, well, I found one. I listened to it once and I was like, well, yeah it's ok. Then I started listening to it more often. Then a little too often. then a little more than that. This happens way too much with Kpop  ie. IGAB, Wolf, etc.

I still like the songs though #confessionbear

So I've been going on 4chan a lot lately. Mainly because dad cut off access to most, if not all, social media websites that I use. So this is my reaction to most 80% 99% EVERYTHING on 4chan.

If I had to give you some advice about 4chan, I'd say that just don't. Don't go there. Well, it's not that bad actually. If you're someone as twisted as I am than well, you're halfway there.

No I'm kidding, don't go there. not /b/ anyway.

Anyway, since we're on exam block, no one's been blogging and as a result, I have nothing to read. So what did I do in the meantime?

GET A BLACK BELT. Haha yeah. My final requirement was to hold a stance for a certain amount of time. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold your hands in front of you for a whole 30 minutes? It's pretty crazy. Your arms feel like they are literally about to snap off. I'm not even exaggerating. 

So yeah. That's the story so far. Any questions? just comment below or ask me on ask.fm/fasteddiee

Oh remember, click on the gifs.

A la Prochaine
on Saturday, June 1, 2013
And the song, for that matter  

I dunno. I mean, that fur hat. Or was that his hair. I don't even know. The song itself wasn't really my cup of tea. My opinion. Fuck me right? haha. Anyway, here are a few woahdude gifs

When you go on 4chan's random page and find the most fucked up thing you've seen

When you go on 4chan's random page

When you go on 4chan
A La Prochaine
on Thursday, May 30, 2013
Ok maybe not now. I'll probably sleep and get up at 10 tomorrow.
So it's almost 3 in the morning and I've stayed up all night on nothing. Like no caffeine or anything. I feel pretty awesome aside from the fact that I've been working on IT for 3 hours straight. I don't think I've ever worked on anything for that long that late. It's a new record. Personally, anyway.

I just thought that it'd be fun posting this because I procrastinate so much. Now, I'm stuck in a decision making situation: I can
- Go to sleep
- Work on my IT
- Work on my English
- Go for a Maccas run.
- Work on some other programming language and forget it by tomorrow morning
- Watch Pulp Fiction

Going to sleep would be boring. So is IT and English. Programming, I'll forget it anyway. Pulp fiction is really gif worthy. So I hear.

The reason(s) I don't wanna go for a Maccas run is because a) I don't want to have to walk for half an hour just for maccas; b) I don't want to get butt raped by a ghost on the thirty minute walk and c) I don't want to wake anyone up.

Ugh. Pulp Fiction it is. Not that that's bad.

Just, y'know. I like Maccas.
on Monday, May 27, 2013
I don’t know what you’re thinking. I don’t know why you’re thinking whatever it is you’re thinking. I don’t know why you say what you say. I don’t know why you say whatever it is you say to whoever it is you say it to. Everything and anything you say is simply insult to injury. What kind of person are you? Is it because your childhood was so lacking in parental compassion? Is it because you were born into an unloving family? Whatever it is, you of all people should have known better how to treat people. Instead, look what you do: throw all and any hope away, snatch any inkling of passion and pound it with a hammer of scepticism. Whatever grief or pain that exists is amplified with your voice. There is no life in your “life”. No passion, no interest, no existence of ecstasy.

Computers and machines are your only method of conversation and also your only conversing partner. You have become one of them. You teach us of addiction and yet you are the victim of it. What lesson lies in that? You say true happiness comes from Enlightenment of some sort, not from physical or social pleasures. You say that people should be honest. Well you certainly got that across. You don’t understand the age we live in right now, socially or mentally. Should there be a situation in the family, you’d be the last to resolve it but the first to rub salt into the wound. Do you ever think why the amounts of students dwindle in your classes? Do you ever wonder why all your students leave? Do you ever wonder why all your students can’t wait to leave your classes? Of course it’s their problem. Perhaps the only issue regarding yourself is that you hadn’t yelled quite loud enough.

You’re the boss that all the employees fantasise about murdering. You’re the boss with a heap of kiss-asses who actually hate you but you can’t see that can you? You see what you want, hear what you want and say what you want. It never ends well. Never.

Next time you decide to say something, consider what you’re about to say. Walk a mile in their shoes. How would they feel? The only reason why I’m saying how they would feel instead of how you would feel is because you don’t have the emotional capability to feel. I’m quite disheartened of the fact. 

I'm disappointed.
on Sunday, May 26, 2013
I want to look up recipes for stuff that looks reaaallly good but I can't. I mean I can but what's the point. That just means I have to go out and buy stuff. I wouldn't mind if I could drive but I can't so what's the point. If I could drive the man, that'd be great. But I can't. For now. For now. Seriously, they have recipes for the wasted chocolate cake, oreo cakes, shooter sandwiches, steak that's done perfectly. Bacon fries.

You get what I mean.

I am so done
A la Prochaine

I am now a cat person.

And now I'm not.

Just kidding, I still love cats.

A la Prochaine~
on Friday, May 24, 2013
Bitch tries to steal my lunch

From B.Y.E by Terkoiz (Philips Lacanlale)

Terms and Conditions
This post is, for all intents and purposes, a joke and not to be taken seriously. Should any issues arise relating to this article and/or image, 

By "joke" I mean something that is meant to be taken lightly or not seriously

This movie was just asdkjfgklslf;aglsfhjskgafkhkdfksl and Brad Pitt is just asdjlkflaks;jgsdalg;hk;jslfaljgd;h;l Oh well. I know, I might be gay or bi or something. But the movie is amazing. 

I recently got into Irish Rock music. It's crazy stuff. Look up Shipping Up to Boston. 

A la Prochaine~
on Thursday, May 23, 2013

I have really liked the last two weeks. Well, I can't say liked. It's more like "been satisfied with". I've missed four and a half days of school. One and a half days of music, two days sick, and one day off.

It's been alright because I spent most of my time watching music and looking up porn...

like. Yeah.

But in all honesty: bookporn, roomporn, dessertporn, adrenalineporn, foodporn, instrumentporn, etc. The "SFW Porn Network"

So yeah, I've managed to miss a week's worth of both French and Drama classes which is good considering that I don't really like French and that I don't need to rehearse my Drama part with my group because I only speak twice. Throughout the whole thing. I get cut off halfway for my first sentence and the next bit, well, everyone runs away.

So I haven't missed much. Or so I think. I don't like that. Thinking. Because that leads to over-thinking. That never leads to something good.

As for the Ask.fm...nothing. it's like a fucking desert there. Lucky for me, I got two movies today: Fight Club and Pulp Fiction. WATCH FIGHT CLUB. Holy crap. That movie is amazing. And Brad Pitt. Maaaaannnn. Seriously. No wonder it got awesome ratings on pretty much every site I know.

Now, as you do, I'm looking for as many "gifable" moments possible. Gives me something to do other then dwell over how my IT Partner does next to nothing. But yeah, watch the movie. It's great. Seriously.

At least I'm getting the page together. For the most part anyway.


A la Prochaine~
on Wednesday, May 22, 2013
When someone asks how my AMus Exam went.

Watched Mean Girls because why the fuck not.

So. Many. References. I still need to watch it a few more times before I memorise the whole thing. That won't take long.You know that bit how Damian's like: SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE.


Mission accomplished.

A la Prochaine~
on Monday, May 20, 2013
If we lost all memory of photoshop, but all the pictures remained, what would be the hardest to explain?

A lot of these are full of what the fuck is going on.

shit like Bears with Beaks (Link) or Birds with Arms (Link). Or Fifth world Problems which are...well, I'm scared to click on the links every  now and then because it looks so fucking shady but here's the link if you want it: (Link)

So that's it. Yeah.
So maths was due today. I didn't turn up to school because I was killing myself under a pile of used tissues. Because I was sick. No other reason

No but seriously, I'm sick as a dog. AMus went, well, not as preferable as I'd have liked and all this shit is piling one over the other and it's tripping over itself.

Back to maths (yeah, fuck me right?) I'm pretty sure everyone spent the night doing something along the lines of:

While all the smart kids are like:

So yeah, kids, always start your assignments early.
on Saturday, May 18, 2013
It's a Saturday night, I'm tired, bored and there's nothing to internet anymore so I decided to write about my experience of talking to my friends about literature. 

First one: okay so this guy (I'm saying "this guy" because I'm not sure if he wants his name used. Same with the other one) was obnoxiously hyper for some odd reason. We ended up talking about Picture of Dorian Gray and this is how he explained it, paraphrasing, of course. I don't remember shit from the last week. 

Guy:  It's about some gay guy who gets his picture taken. NOT TAKEN. Like painted. Or some shit. Anyway. OI. OI HEY. IS ANYONE EVEN LISTENING? Fine I won't talk (Me: Hey, I'm listening. Keep going.) Alright so, he gets himself painted then he wishes that the picture doesn't get old. NO WAIT. Other way round, he wishes that the picture grows old, not himself. Then he does all this stuff. And then he stabs the picture.
Other guy: Then he dies right?
Guy: Yeah, but like they change places. So there was an ugly motherf***er in the picture and when he stabbed the picture, they changed places [imitates knife in the chest]
Other guy : That's so shit though. Man, why do we get all these shitty books man.

Tale of Two Cities ended up coming up as well.
tl;dr they say something about 4 guys liking the "one chick" and none of them get in there. 

Oh well. I guess it's a shame not everyone appreciates good literature. Not much we can do about it. 

So I made an ask.fm account since everyone was doing it. I know, peer pressure. It's not good. Still, it's not the only pressure I'm going under. Piano exam is in 1 AND A HALF DAYS. 

You know how we were doing absurd theatre in drama? I thought of another example: where I'm playing solitaire and I know that there's no solution left but I keep trying but any attempt is futile.

Just like this:

I am so done.

A la Prochaine~
on Thursday, May 16, 2013

Caption: Well there goes my last fuck

OCing that shit. Making too many of these, I should probably stop and spend my time doing something more productive like working on perl or something. Or unix. I've heard so many good things about unix.

Oh well, I guess I'll stick to making gifs.

A la Prochaine~
on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
ohmygod. OH. MY. GOD. I was checking out the photos that were taken at the after party and a lot them were great, no kidding, but this. I found this gem among it.

Ok so there's Alex on the right, someone else on the left

CHARLIE. Oh Charlie. Poor thing went a little heavy on the grog. 

Arthur, you must be so glad you didn't drink that night though admittedly, I would've liked to see you drunk and try to pick up chicks. I kid. But seriously tho

You know how they say: "What happens at (place), stays at (place)"? That did not happen. I don't think it ever will. Then again, I'm starting to think that our school is really...I'll just say unique

and what the fuck happened to the Exotics. Like everyone I know has pretty much exploded with tears and spit flying everywhere. I apologise for the imagery. 

Still. Y'know. I don't. Ugh. 

Hello omegle. 

That is all.

A la Prochaine

Charlie 사랑해, just sayin'.
More like one last heave.

Five days to go.
on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
I seem to have a lot of time don't I? I really don't think I should do that. I guess it beats posting formal pictures. Or liking all of them. So for now, I guess, I'm going to post my Drama script and see how much sense it makes. It doesn't. I'll say that much. 

Here goes:

Given the existence as uttered forth in the public works of Puncher and Wattmann of a personal God quaquaquaqua with white beard quaquaquaqua outside time without extension who from the heights of divine apathia divine athambia divine aphasia loves us dearly with some exceptions for reasons unknown but time will tell and suffers like the divine Miranda with those who for reasons unknown but time will tell are plunged in torment plunged in fire whose fire flames if that continues and who can doubt it will fire the firmament that is to say blast hell to heaven so blue still and calm so calm with a calm which even though intermittent is better than nothing but not so fast and considering what is more that as a result of the labors left unfinished crowned by the Acacacacademy of Anthropopopometry of Essy-in-Possy of Testew and Cunard it is established beyond all doubt all other doubt than that which clings to the labors of men that as a result of the labors unfinished of Testew and Cunnard it is established as hereinafter but not so fast for reasons unknown that as a result of the public works of Puncher and Wattmann it is established beyond all doubt that in view of the labors of Fartov and Belcher left unfinished for reasons unknown of Testew and Cunard left unfinished it is established what many deny that man in Possy of Testew and Cunard that man in Essy that man in short that man in brief in spite of the strides of alimentation and defecation wastes and pines wastes and pines and concurrently simultaneously what is more for reasons unknown in spite of the strides of physical culture the practice of sports such as tennis football running cycling swimming flying floating riding gliding conating camogie skating tennis of all kinds dying flying sports of all sorts autumn summer winter winter tennis of all kinds hockey of all sorts penicillin and succedanea in a word I resume flying gliding golf over nine and eighteen holes tennis of all sorts in a word for reasons unknown in Feckham Peckham Fulham Clapham namely concurrently simultaneously what is more for reasons unknown but time will tell fades away I resume Fulham Clapham in a word the dead loss per head since the death of Bishop Berkeley being to the tune of one inch four ounce per head approximately by and large more or less to the nearest decimal good measure round figures stark naked in the stockinged feet in Connemara in a word for reasons unknown no matter what matter the facts are there and considering what is more much more grave that in the light of the labors lost of Steinweg and Peterman it appears what is more much more grave that in the light the light the light of the labors lost of Steinweg and Peterman that in the plains in the mountains by the seas by the rivers running water running fire the air is the same and then the earth namely the air and then the earth in the great cold the great dark the air and the earth abode of stones in the great cold alas alas in the year of their Lord six hundred and something the air the earth the sea the earth abode of stones in the great deeps the great cold on sea on land and in the air I resume for reasons unknown in spite of the tennis the facts are there but time will tell I resume alas alas on on in short in fine on on abode of stones who can doubt it I resume but not so fast I resume the skull fading fading fading and concurrently simultaneously what is more for reasons unknown in spite of the tennis on on the beard the flames the tears the stones so blue so calm alas alas on on the skull the skull the skull the skull in Connemara in spite of the tennis the labors abandoned left unfinished graver still abode of stones in a word I resume alas alas abandoned unfinished the skull the skull in Connemara in spite of the tennis the skull alas the stones Cunard.

I have to memorise that. Shouldn't be too hard.
Is it wrong that I ship people at our school? Like I have ship names for them already though I won't be mentioning any because, well, that's...demeaning to a person's privacy? I dunno. I know one person knows about my ships. I've got names but I won't go so far as right fanfic because that'd be seriously weird.

What I will do, though, is freak the fuck out about my assessment etc. For instance: I have an essay due at the end of tomorrow, a Prac Diploma exam and a concert on Monday, an assignment and a concert on Tuesday and a website to complete by the end of next week. A little busy.

I got my assignment play today, right after a music lesson. I decided that it wasn't the best timing that I had. We're doing an Absurd play called Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. The point of this play is that there is no point. There are a fair few interpretations of Absurd theatre but most of them point to the metaphor of life being short or useless or meaningless. Take the following sentence for instance: "we are born astride a grave". That's one of the stimulus we were given. No idea what it means? Imagine a woman giving birth over an open grave. Weird at first, but think about it. Not literally, no. As a metaphor.

Life goes by pretty quick so what's the use or the meaning of life if it's so short? The words we say mean nothing and even less years, decades, centuries later.

Another play written by Samuel Beckett is called, well, "Play". Have a look for yourself. Here's a Link. For what it's worth, Alan Rickman's in this as well.


I find it amazing. It conveys how insignificant the majority, if not entirety, of our lives are. We spend an awful lot of time worrying and poring over issues that we label as important. We spend (or waste, rather) our lives and die slowly and realise, at the end of our life, that everything in our lives detract from life in general. But then again, what's the point of detracting from something that has nothing to detract from? That's the point.

That's my word vomit.

Not even sure if that made sense.

Oh well, there we go.
on Monday, May 13, 2013
This is my recollection of the after party in one gif:

This is my recollection of my schoolwork in a few gifs:

Pretty much sums up the last few days.